LOOK YOUR BEST AT ALL TIMES Makeup and Image Consulting



 When you look great, you feel great and that is something I would like to help you achieve everyday.

I have over 25 years professional color, makeup and image creation consultancy experience from USA and have thousands of satisfied customers in all over Europe.

With a variety of private consultations, workshops and classes to fit your unique needs, you'll discover your own beauty and how to best present it to the world.

I offer tailor-made workshops and seminars for companies
to provide individual consultations for staff members as part of professional development programmes. I strongly believe that the right image projected by each member staff has more impact on sales than the company brochure.

         "I help and teach my client how to be their own stylist or makeup artist". Lyn de Gara

For further information: 06-309-846-588

e-mail me at : lyndegara@gmail.com